Japan Analytical Chemistry Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Residue Analysis

Residue analysis of pesticides and GLP studies

More than four decades ago, the predecessor of our company obtained the laboratory license from Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) for the official residue analysis of pesticide in crops and soil. Since then we have accumulated vast analytical know-how, and fostered many capable analysts. We have developed the residue analytical methods for over 1400 pesticides (700 active ingredients whatsoever before registration or registered ones and 700 related metabolites), and these analytical methods and the study results have been used as the basic data in the dossier for the application of the registration of the said pesticide. These achievements are highly appreciated and trusted not only by the representative Japanese chemical industries but also the foreign chemical enterprises.

In 2000, we were confirmed as being in compliance with the “Good Laboratory Practice Standards (GLP) for Agricultural Chemicals” by MAFF under the Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law in 2000.

Based on the above achievement, we are entrusted highly reliable studies by many agrochemical industries on physical/chemical properties, such as hydrolysis of pesticides in water, photo-degradation behavior of pesticides in water, determination of equilibrium adsorption coefficients for agricultural chemicals on soils and analysis of impurities in technical grade active ingredient of agricultural chemicals.

And we succeeded in expanding the scope of the GLP study to crop residue studies in July 2010.

In 1976, we were registered as “Measurement Certification Business of Concentration” by the Governor of Tokyo under the Measurement Law. We also conduct studies on the environmental measurement of chemicals and to support the measurement certification business.