Japan Analytical Chemistry Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Environmental Analysis

On May 6, 1976, we were registered as "Measurement Certification Business of Concentration" issued by the Governor of Tokyo under the Measurement Law. Thereby we can provide the analytical certificates to our clients about the results of determination of various substances in air, water and soil. Accordingly, monitoring a pesticide in river water has become one of our major projects in recent years. Drift survey of a pesticide in the field is also a popular request. This is closely related to the current "Positive List System" in Japan. Heavy metals or POP related compounds are also important analytes in this category.

It is our company's pride that we have many well-trained staff and sophisticated instruments to fulfill the current requests. By utilizing these resources, we could provide to our clients not only the accurate analytical results but also a proper recommendation, where it is requested. This consultancy activity might be useful to control or manage the waste water from a factory.