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We will communicate with "Environment" through analytical chemistry

Kenji Asari

In recent years, scientific and technological achievements have progressed remarkably and contributed to the growth of world economy. Accompanying these advances, many new chemicals have been created and used for various industrial applications. In addition to the benefits provided by these new chemicals, they can also have repercussions for the environment.

To protect the environment, first we have to measure the environmental situations scientifically. To do so, chemical analysis is one of the essential tools.

Japan Analytical Chemistry Consultants Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JACC) was established in 1974. Throughout more than three decades of experiences, we have accumulated tremendous know-how about chemical analytical technologies. We would like to emphasize that the results obtained have been properly interpreted leading to recommendation to prevent the environmental pollution and to keep the environment clean. We will continue to develop improved chemical analysis technology using our extensive and highly technical experience and to contribute further to science and technology.

Now, we have great pleasure to inform you of JACC’s services consisting of chemical analysis and consultancy, and we are keenly hoping that our services which are supported by the extensive experience and expertise are of assistance to your business.


Kenji Asari     

Outline of the company

Japan Analytical Chemistry Consultants Co., Ltd.
1-7-3 Funado, Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo 174-0041, Japan
April 20, 1974
After coming back from the Marine Environment Laboratories Monaco of the International Atomic Energy Agency, former president Dr. Ken-ichi Asari (current executive adviser) established this company to solve the chemistry related issues occurring in the environment by using the chemical analyses technology.
Measuring Law: May 6, 1976
GLP Certification (1st): May 18, 2000
GLP Certification (7th): January 26, 2018
GLP Certification (Crop residue study): June 27, 2010
GLP Certification (4th): January 26, 2018